For Chemistry Professionals

If you are an instructor, fellow YCC member from another chapter, or within our local section, this is the section of our site for you!

If you are a young scientist in the Mid-Michigan area, and are interested in joining our organization, please click Contact Us and select “interested in joining.”  Joining the YCC gives you access to great career building contacts and experience.  We also offer seminar panels to improve presentation skills to anyone interested.  Becoming a member is a great way to collaborate and share ideas and skills with your peers while having fun and helping to encourage the next generation of great scientists.

If you are an area teacher or other individual looking for outreach advice or demonstrations, here are a list of some of our more location friendly demos!  If you are interested in learning about how to do these simple demos click here.  Also, please take some time to go through our list of activities, especially the chemistry caravan and see if the activity would be right for you and your class.  Feel free to get in touch with us using the link above with questions, requests or suggestions.

We have a variety of other demos if your school can accommodate more technical experiments and would be happy to work with local teachers to put together such ideas.

For those of you from a local university within the state and are looking for support on a new project please consider contacting us.  We are always looking to increase cooperation between other universities and ACS sections.  We are always here to lend a hand in any way possible!


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