Battle of the Chemistry Clubs

Registration for BCC 2018 is open until January 20th.

The “Battle of the Chem Clubs” was created by faculty at University of Detroit Mercy and University of Michigan – Flint in 2007.  Recently, the event has brought together 12 surrounding schools (University of Michigan-Flint, Wayne State University, Adrian College, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn to name a few) from the state together to enjoy some competition and fun with chemistry.  The battle is hosted at Michigan State University, with approximately 80 ACS student member participants every year.  Our events have included periodic table darts, a spectroscopy interpretation challenge, dry ice curling, and jeopardy-style questions with buzzers.  The battle includes breakfast and lunch for all participants as well as trophy prizes.  Aside from being an exciting day, this is a great networking opportunity that allows Chem Clubs from all over the region to caucus with one another and share each other’s event ideas.

The past four years our local YCC section has become involved to help come up with event ideas and act as proctors the day of the event.  It has become more successful than anyone could imagine and we look forward to continuing to increase participation and providing undergraduate chemists’ with an opportunity to learn more about graduate school while testing their knowledge.  Past events include such things as a spectroscopy challenge, titration race, periodic table darts, dry ice curling, lab bench challenges including building your own battery or finding an absorbance of an unknown and as always we end the event with a jeopardy event for the top two teams.  If you are interested in signing a team up please send us a contact email for our Battle of the Chemistry Clubs mailing list.


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