Chemistry Caravan

The chemistry caravan was an idea we came up with as a way to take out demonstrations to the public.  It originally started out as just going to local elementary schools to do classroom demonstrations.  However, the activity soon grew into something great.  Since starting our mobile movement we have taken demonstrations to local science nights, YMCA camps, 4-H camps and a number of local schools.  If you would like to take advantage of the chemistry caravan please let us know a bit more about your needs and how we can help.

Local Classroom Demos:

Kelley prepares a banana for a demonstration on how extreme cold temperatures affect different objects.

Fluorescence and basic atomic structures are explained to the kids. Many “Ooohhhss” and Aahhhhss” were heard throughout the group.

Okemos Science Day:                                                                           4-H/YMCA Camps:

Kids get to watch as a glass rod disappears right before their eyes as two substances with the same refractive index come together.

A rainbow is created as liquids with different densities are stacked on top of each other!


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